Over the years, Concept has developed a method to deliver consistent results on every campaign we tackle.

By viewing marketing strategy as a cycle for continuously refining leads and tactics, we have been able to achieve higher success rates on campaigns than typical methods. The key is in following a logical flow of consecutive steps:

  • 1. Planning and Research

    We work with you to listen to audience needs and to map out a campaign strategy. Concept supports your team by developing Marketing Briefs—proposals that you can take to your broader team. We make it a point to understand your objectives, and that of sales (foot-in-door to general awareness)

  • 2. Foundational Content

    It is important to lay the groundwork with solid content. Concept can help to create the assets needed support the initiative from collateral to web to apps to videos.

  • 3. Lead Awareness

    With the foundational content in place, it is now time to guide leads towards it and to create general awareness amongst the audience. Tactics include events, webinars, social media, SEO, digital advertising on industry blogs, email, and video targeting.

  • 4. Lead Nurturing

    The best method for nurturing leads is one-to-one direct marketing. Single or Multi-Touch strategies include: 3D mailers, video mailer, slider mailer, postcards, telemarketing, email, web pages.

  • 5. Sales Enablement

    After all the energy invested in cultivating leads, it is imperative that your sales team be equipped with the tools to complete the job. Sales-facing "toolkits" include sales plays, slide decks, sales training videos, customer-facing material and more.

  • 6. Follow-up

    Follow-up is a necessary but all too often ignored step in the marketing cycle. Whether it be an event, a direct mail campaign, or a sales call, the follow-up is an critical opportunity to gauge resonance with your audience.

  • 7. Analytics and Reporting

    Post-campaign analytics provide crucial information on not only the results of the campaign but direction on how to plan the next campaign. This is a marketing team's best opportunity to listen to the sales team and make adjustments as necessary.

"Concept delivers results with our holistic strategy, proactive mindset, responsive communication and best-practice know-how."


 View the following samples of how Concept applies tried and true methods to achieve results for a variety of campaign objectives.


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